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Undergraduate university courses options.

This is the course for you if you want to work in auditing, financial reporting, management accounting, or financial services.

It focuses on criminal law and criminal justice, providing you with an understanding of how the criminal justice system operates as well as the impact of crimes on society.

This degree programme will give you a variety of chances to acquire the attitudes, talents, and skills needed to work in a health and social care setting, both at home and abroad.

Learn essential marketing abilities such as communication, inventiveness, and foresight.

This comprehensive undergraduate degree provides students with a broad variety of business knowledge and abilities, taught by experts with real-world experience.

Learn about the importance of the people that run the company and how they contribute to its success.

You’ll learn about the ideas that underpin company and event management.

Understand business sustainability, scope, and organisational structure in the hospitality sector.

The world is becoming increasingly linked, and this course is required if you want to work in management in any industry.

Gain the knowledge you need to open up opportunities for a future in the tourism industry.

You’ll research local and national health and social care needs, as well as the governmental, commercial, and non-profit organisations that can help.

This intellectually stimulating degree programme covers a wide range of topics related to business organisation and management culture.

Foundation Years available with most of the courses we offer. Please don’t hesitate to enquire about them today.

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