MSc International Marketing

Enhance your marketing knowledge and skills with a master’s degree in one of the most modern and state of the art university campuses. You can learn all you need to know about modern marketing in a year, including digital marketing, understanding the global customer, and brand psychology.

With us, you can study while you work, tend to your hobbies, and family. It is a flexible course, which can be studied in either evenings or weekends. In addition, the courses are two days long and only up to 9 hours on campus each week.



TWO days a week.


£8,500 per year for UK students*


Year 1

  • International Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing, Innovation and E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Understanding the Global Customer
  • Brand Psychology
  • Strategic Management in a Global Context
  • Research Methods and Ethics
  • Strategic Marketing and New Venture Development
  • Postgraduate Major Project

Entry requirements:

  • Undergraduate baccalaureate 

What you will achieve:

At the end of your course, you will earn a master’s in this course, which will open a window to a wide variety of jobs in this sector, and many others. With a master’s degree, your chances of employment increases drastically, and so does your yearly earnings compared to those who do not hold higher qualifications. 

According to statistics:

  • Graduates are 40% more likely to get into a high-skilled job compared to those who don’t hold higher qualifications. Jobs such as business management, accounts management, data management, and more, need someone who is well-versed in the subject. 
  • In addition, they are least likely to stay unemployed compared to non-graduates. According to a recent ONS report, 76% of individuals who are unemployed do not hold a graduate degree.
  • Graduates earn £10,000 more each year compared to non-graduates.

Course Aim:

We have designed this course to open your mind to all crucial aspects of businesses and provide you the essential skills in Digital Marketing and Marketing. We want to be flexible as much as possible and give you an incredible opportunity for your future. The entry process is easy, and you do not need any qualifications. 

*Our partner universities are government supported, so you could be eligible for a fully funded course as well as maintenance loan, which could add up to £15,000. You will only need to repay this back if you earn over £21,000 per year. Terms and conditions apply.

**Modules could change once your university starts. There could be various reasons for that, such as the university believes a different module might be more useful to you, among other external factors.

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